Metaball In the Press

Created by the world renowned fitness expert, Greg Plitt, Metaball is the only equipment you will ever need to get the body you’ve always wanted. Metaball is a revolutionary new piece of exercise equipment combined with 12 expert workouts designed by Greg Plitt to help transform and give you the body of your dreams! Metaball’s unique patented adjustable design allows it to replace racks of kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells that take up valuable home space, saving not only space but a huge cost! Metaball Fitness System packs and travels easily to the office, beach, bedroom, backyard, or hotel room on your business trip so you never loose a workout session again! If you have a will, Metaball has your way and takes all the guess-work and excuses out of the equation that hold you back to being the person you’ve known you always could be…..isn’t it about time you become that person!!

What Metaball Replaces: